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As the lazy-hazy days of summer come to an end, you are probably preparing to be well positioned for a big marketing push immediately after Labor Day. Clients and staff return refreshed and reinvigorated from the relaxing mode of summer, and it is a great time for being more active in the community.  Along those lines, since I promised to keep sharing some of the top ideas that generated during the annual Association for Accounting Marketing Confernece, here are a few more to help you transition into the fall season:

1. Define marketing responsibilities by staff level  so that everyone has a role, expectations, and goals that are specific to their skills and situation.

2. Along the same lines, turn your receptionist and other administrative assistants into marketing ambassadors.  They have client contact and can make a good (or an awful) impression on behalf of the firm.

3. Celebrate marketing with a "banquet" - in other words, host a lunch where the firm shares marketing ideas and acknowledges the marketing efforts of team members - and generates enthusiasm for the branding and communications efforts that are being made.

4. Instead of talking about 'referral events,'  talk about 'relationship events.'  This is more than just using different words to express an idea - it is about a change in attitude. Don't describe these events as transactional, but rather , emphasize that they represent ongoing, important, relevant relationships that you are investing in on behalf of your firm's future.

5. Develop and utilize an advisory board for your firm, comprised of local university members, nonprofit leaders, industry leaders and others that are parallel to your service lines.

These ideas, and many more, generated from the participants at the conference this summer. I hope they are helpful to you!  


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