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I was just speaking with Brenda Overbay from Godfrey, Hammel , Danneels & Company and she mentioned that her firm has a Monday morning meeting with their IT Director.  The session is repeated four times (every Monday) and it is mandated that everyone attend one session each month. Because the program is repeated weekly there are few who can say their schedule doesn't permit attending!

As she was mentioning this idea,  I thought it would be great for firms to hold a "Coffee and bagels with the marketer" meeting to remain concistently positioned in front of the professional staff in order to offer a wide array of resources, discussions, and training modules on an informal basis. By holding monthly  meetings, marketing would an effective platform  to gain the attention and cooperation of the employees and partners - and the information presented would  be fresh and relevant. 

It would be interesting to know if any of you are holding such meetings on an ongoing basis in your firm. If so, let us know what results you have enjoyed! 

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