Mitt Romney's Fatal Marketing Error

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By Allan Boress, CPA - I don't know Mr. Romney well enough to say I like him or will vote for him in next week's primary. And isn't that a fatal marketing error?

People do things for emotional reasons. They vote for people (or hire them) 50 - 80% of the time because of "personal chemistry." Is this guy's campaign getting personal chemistry across or is he just not personable (Al Gore comes to mind)?

I remember (unfortunately) when Bob Dole ran against Prez Clinton (the first one). What a stiff! Until he was interviewed on 60 Minutes, his real personality and warmth never came through (he is actually quite humorous and warm). The real Bob Dole certainly wasn't exposed in his marketing, which may explain why he got trounced, instead of merely losing.

Romney has the same problem. Unless they can cure it, it will be fatal.

Mr. Obama does not have this issue. He exudes warmth and confidence. and his marketing puts him in those positions to show it off. Mrs. Clinton has always had this problem, but the media always built her up so much that it was minimized. And, let's face it, those that will vote for her are also voting for her "co-president."

- Huckabee's got it (explains his success)
- McCain has some of it (when he gets fired up), explains his improvement.
- Guiliani has it but his advertising has failed to bring out what we saw after 9/11, explains his poor ratings.

We can all learn from this current campaign if we apply the success lessons of the candidates and avoid their failures.

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