"Millionaire" foiled in attempted bank heist

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Counterfeit $1 million bill
A man was arrested in Clearwater, South Carolina, trying to open a bank account with a bogus $1 million bill. The man allegedly handed the counterfeit bill to a teller and asked to open a new account. The teller refused to open the account and called the police.

When the teller made the call, the man, Alexander D. Smith, 31, of Augusta, Georgia, reportedly starting cursing the bank workers.

The Aiken County Sheriff has charged Smith with disorderly conduct and two counts of forgery - one for the fake million dollar bill and another for using a fake check to purchase cigarettes at a nearby grocery store.

The United States does not print million dollar bills. The largest currency ever printed in the U.S. is a $100,000 bill that was in circulation in the 1930s.

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