Michigan Extends Deadline for Disregarded Entities!! (again)

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On Oct. 3, 2011, the Department of Treasury (Department) issued a revised notice regarding the Michigan Business Tax (MBT) filing obligations of business entities that are treated as disregarded entities for federal income tax purposes as a result of the decision in Kmart Michigan Property Services.

According to the notice, business entities that are disregarded for federal income tax purposes (such as single member limited liability companies (SMLLCs) and qualified Subchapter S subsidiaries (QSubs), among others), must now either file a separate MBT return or file as part of a unitary business group, if the unitary requirements are met. This requirement applies to all open tax years under the MBT, which took effect Jan. 1, 2008.

New Deadline - December 31, 2011 (NOT October 31, 2011)

The revised notice extends the due date for filing delinquent and amended returns pursuant to this notice to Dec. 31, 2011 (formerly Oct. 31, 2011).

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