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Manage the Firm's Brand - Consistency is King!

Aug 27th 2009
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Consistency is important when building your brand and enhancing your firm’s reputation. Large or small, your firm is recognized in the community based on its unique attributes and service delivery, but the way you blend design elements and language to present your firm must be consistent as well. Every firm has a distinctive story to tell, and that is where the logo comes in. Whether you have invested in developing a formal logo and tagline, or you have created a logo using internal resources, it is one of the most effective ways to share your message with the business community. Corporations do a great job of building clients who are loyal to their brand. Careful shoppers select Tide detergent, Oreo cookies or Coca Cola, demonstrating strong brand preference. While the connection between consumer goods and public accounting may not seem immediately clear to you, your clients, prospects and the centers of influence who work with you, should all easily recognize your firm and its image in the same way that shoppers recognize their favorite products. Try this test: perform an “audit” of the firm’s materials, both in print and electronically, to determine if your message is clear and consistent. The “look” of your website should be carried through to the brochures, letterhead, business cards, Power Point templates and proposals as well. You do not have to be a global firm to project a solid, well recognized image, but you do have to establish standards and reinforce them so that you have complete control over your marketing communications.


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