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Small and mid-size firms looking for new, inexpensive ways to connect with clients should consider nominating the clients for local awards, Most cities have a wide range of programs offered by their business press, chambers of commerce, and various nonprofit organziations - all seeking to recognize the leaders in the community.  Through the years we have often selected appropriate clients and nominated them for programs such as"Business of the Year,"  "Nonprofit Innovator of the Year," and "Family Business of the Year" - a program launched by a university in the area.  We have also nominated clients who might be the right fit for a "Forty Under Forty" or a "Top 50 Women in Business" event as well. In every case, whether the client is selected or not, the fact that we have gone to the trouble of nominating them and completing the firms, is very much appreciated. I have never had a client refuse the opportunity to be recognized, and they are usually genuinely happy to spend time with me as I get the necessary information from them for the forms. (This is usually about a 20 minute conversation and is conducted over the phone).  It also gives me a chance to speak one-on-one and learn things about a client that I never knew before as I go through the effort of writing the nomination narrative. It is win-win in every aspect. If you have tried this, please let  us all know how it has worked out for you.

And, by the way, other than the time it takes t fill in the details during the nominating process, there is no cost to anyone. What a great way to go out of your way for a well deserving client. 

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