Make a Call - Hold Off on the E-mail!

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By Sally Glick - I am conducting an informal poll today. I wonder if you would think about how many electronic holiday greeting cards you have received over the last few weeks. Then think about how many you deleted before you even read them! If you are like me, you have been inundated with this latest use (or abuse!) of e-mail as a communication tool. While I am the first to say the e-mail plays a critical role today for us all, I also worry that it has begun to replace, not compliment, other forms of communication. If you chose not to send traditional holiday cards this year, either to save money or trees, I applaud your decision. But instead of sending an “e-Card,” how many of you simply picked up the phone and called a friend, a client, or a business colleague, to wish them a happy holiday?

I ask you to consider your most valuable relationships and think about what characteristics they have in common. Most likely your most meaningful relationships are built on a solid foundation of years of personal interaction, a high level of sharing of trust, respect and confidence, and a willingness to unselfishly help each other. While e-mails help us to keep in touch, I would be really surprised if your most successful relationships began, or are nurtured, through e-mail!

So, next time you are ready to click “send” – think about making a quick call instead. You might just “WOW” somebody!

Happy Holidays!


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