MAKE 2011 YOUR YEAR TO RETHINK EVERYTHING... then make changes.

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 My favorite topic, again - the importance of constant change inside CPA firms.

Consider the following quotes:
  • Quote about trying to change things inside an organization – “the role of big companies is to turn great people into mediocre organizations.”
  • Quote describing people trying to lead change:  “We are like earnest doctors with willing patients engaged in utter bullshit.” 
  • Quote describing leading an organization during fast-changing times:  “floating in lava in a wooden boat.”
Okay, it’s really not ALL that bad inside firms.  Most firms have been facing significant change and doing pretty well with it.  Some firms have not.
For some motivation, try reading an article by William C. Taylor, co-founder, Fast Company Magazine.
He offers ten questions that define the challenges of change at a time when change is the name of the game.  Following are the ten.  In the article he gives some good insight on each one.
Do you see opportunities the competition doesn’t see?
Do you have new ideas about where to look for new ideas?
Are you the most of anything?
If your company went out of business tomorrow, who would miss you and why?  (note:  They say if a CPA dies, his/her clients will have moved-on to select another CPA within a week.)
Have you figured out how your organization’s history can help to shape its future?
Do you have customers who can’t live without you?
Do your people care more than the competition?
Are you getting the best contributions from the most people?
Are you consistent in your commitment to change?
Are you learning as fast as the world is changing?
The article is an excerpt from Taylor’s new book:  Practically Radical. I’m putting it on my list of books to read for 2011.

"By 'radical,' I understand one who goes too far; by 'conservative,' one who does not go far enough; by 'reactionary,' one who won't go at all." - - Woodrow Wilson


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