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Have you explored the "Today" feature on LinkedIn? I'm starting to really like it as a news aggregator.  It isn't perfect, but as I've always got a browser tab set to LinkedIn I'm finding it quite handy.

First:  what is it?  When you go to your LinkedIn home page (if you aren't on LinkedIn that is a separate conversation) you will see it just below your status update box.  Mine shows three different articles, with a link above it that says "See all top headlines for you." Click on that (alternatively you can get to Today from the News menu on the main navigation bar).

I've taken some time to customize mine a bit.  LinkedIn offers over 200 news sources you can follow (nice use of Twitter language).  I've selected Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Forbes, Inc. and a couple others.  Today will also come up with a list of suggest industries based on information in your profile.  Unfortunately, accounting isn't one. 

Today has become a great source of interesting articles all in one place, including those to share with clients and other contacts.  For example, there was an article today on Inc article discussing Groupon's missteps as it tries to go public.  I shared that with a client that has filed its S-1 (initial registration) who appreciated the link and that his registration is going much smoother than the Groupon filing.

As I said earlier, I know there are better aggregators out there, but this is coming in handy for me.

Now if there were only less articles on Steve Jobs.

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