Leaders Lead By Example - Do You?

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No matter what your firm's size, today everyone acknowledges that you simply cannot afford to be satisfied with the "status quo" -because standing still actually means you are slipping backwards as other firms pass you by.  Recognizing that every firm has to be prepared and positioned for the demands of the future, many small and mid-size firm leaders are embracing marketing communications and branding initiatives as integral to their firm's success. And those firms whose managing partners or management team members truly believe that marketing and business development can no longer be seen as something to tackle only "when there is time," are the very firms that are enjoying the most success.  As the firm's leader, if you are only giving lip service to the concept, that is, if you are 'soft' on your support for formal marketing processes, the others in your firm have every right to behave in the same way.  In other words, they will follow your lead, but where are you taking them?

Effective leaders need to be visionary - preparing their firms for what is coming next. This means encouraging everyone to be more enthusiastic and positive about the impact of marketing and to understand its role in growing the firm.  There is a marketing role for everyone at the firm, and it is often the managing partner who has the responsibility for getting people engaged in the process, providing them direction and tools, and holding them accountable for reaching their goals. This is what leaders do - are you doing this for your firm? Are you helping to guide the partners to take full advantage of the possibilities and opportunities that marketing can provide? Let me know what  you think - and what obstacles or challenges you might face in your own firm when you try to accomplish this.  

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