Leaders - Born or Made?

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We've all heard the term "natural born leader", but is that really the case?  I don't know that people are born with this attribute, although it seems to be more innate in some than in others.  I think leaders are made through trial and error, as well as from their life experiences.  We all make mistakes.....own it, learn from it, and move on.  People will appreciate and respect you more, and not feel as though you are being shady and hiding things.

There are many different styles of leadership, and the one common denominator is that people in leadership positions have the ability to influence, as well as, motivate the people around them.  Leaders walk their talk everyday.  It shows in their actions, and trickles down the ranks.  Every leader wants their team to grow and thrive from their positive image.

As leaders of our firms, what are we doing to cultivate the Next Gen leaders?  By developing core company competencies (and each company will be different according to what is important to them), you start to build a solid foundation for your up and coming leaders to follow. 

Once that step has been defined, putting a leadership development program together is a nice addition to the suite of offerings your firm has.  Employees will, and should, appreciate that the top level is taking a vested interest in their development, and as such, will rise to the occassion.

As I always say....Rome wasn't built in a day.  Start laying a solid foundation now, and make yourself and your people into the best leaders possible.

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