Labor Day is Just Around the Corner - Are You Ready to Get Back to Business?

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Well, not to overstate the obvious, but the more relaxed summer season has almost ended. As you prepare to position your firm - small,  mid-size or large - to take advantage of the "back to work" attitude that accompanies the celebration of Labor Day week-end,  think of your marketing plan and what tactics can be deployed right now to gain attention from clients and prospects.

At Sobel & Co. we have traditionally used events - like roundtables and seminars - as a key marketing tool. As a result of these programs we have the opportunity to demonstrate expertise and add value, while gaining face time with clients. But, no matter what strategy you favor, NOW is a terrific time for getting your message out, leveraging the season to really build awareness.

Review your website, check your use of social media tools, and consider all the options you have available and make a decision regarding investing in those that  will be most likely to bring the return you are looking for. If you are considering launching a new niche service, this is a fine time to test the waters, gain exposure for your firm and the niche leader, and start building the strategic alliances you will need to succeed. 

In short, no matter what direction you are taking to attain your goals, you better get started now. We will address this issue and give you some great tips and tactics at the upcoming AccoutningWeb Live! program in September. I hope to see you there - please join me!

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