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As your firm prepares for busy season , this is an excellent time for reviewing all you have been doing - making sure everything is up to date. 

The trick to juggling multiple marketing communication and branding initiatives is to strike a balance, using a variety of tools that are practical for you and recognizing what is best for your firm, its culture and its available resources.   I had a rude awakening a few days ago when I took the time to go through our website and read every page. I was shocked at how many small typos I found as well as how much 'old' or outdated news there was posted on the site.  It is great to have a robust website with real depth covering your services offered, industry expertise, a range of resources and more , but someone must be assigned to ensure that the site is always accurate and current!

The same is treu of your database. If everyone keeps adding new names, who is responsible for accuracy or even for making the decision regarding removing names? Without good lists, you start off at a disadvantage with your marketing messages.

One of the greatest challenges to your marketing professionals is the ongoing, 24 hour effort needed to stay current! Don't fall into the trap of thinking someone else is 'watching' over your efforts. Be sure to stay vigilant, reviewing materials regularly, whether  they are print brochures, your database, PDF files, web content, blogs, eblasts or your Linked In and Facebook  pictures and calendars. It is hard work to manage the process, but it is worth it!

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