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As firms of all sizes emerge from the hard work, long hours and other distractions that occur every year during Busy Season, it is time to look ahead to goal setting and planning for the rest of the year. I suggest that a realistic timeline for events, newsletters, ads, sponsorships and other activities should be  created now, including objectives, next steps, budgets and dates for implementation so that you are well prepared for successful marketing initiatives.

I use an excel spread sheet. I divide it first by niche,  such as manufacturing, retail, construction, nonprofit, women in business and family business. Next I capture details under sections such as events, newsletters, trade shows, and sponsorships Then I add the dates for completion so that every month I can see what I need to do, not only for activities taking place within the month, but things i need to prepare forin the coming months.  For example, in January we will send the invitation for a February  Employee Benefit Roundtable.  In February we will add the March calendar of events to our Facebook page. In March we will prepare materials for an April conference we are sponsoring. So you can see that the spread sheet/calendar guides both current and future actions.

By capturing all the information, neatly categorized into separate compartments soreted by month, I make sure that nothing falls  through the cracks.

Let us know what works for you!

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