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Today we feature an article on 10 signs that your client might be planning on switching to a new accountant. Some of these signs are the regular suspects - the client focuses on how much you charge instead of what type of service you give, the client seems disinterested when you converse, appointments are rescheduled instead of anticipated. But let's talk about the flip side - best practices for keeping your clients.

There are some basic procedures you can follow that will keep your clients happy. Stay in touch - don't wait for the annual meeting, drop clients a personal note from time to time, schedule an office tour, offer a mid-year planning meeting. Tell clients about something happening in the news that might affect them. Remind clients of other services that you offer. My best advice - take some time to think about the type of accounting service that would make you feel like you would never want to change accountants, and give that same attention to your clients. Make this a lunch topic with your colleagues and see if you can come up with some innovative ideas for building stronger bonds with your clients.

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