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Just great - even the IRS struggles to stay on top of tax law changes

Aug 25th 2011
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We're thrilled to hear that the IRS has hired 4,300 new revenue agents in the past two years because that means (a) our tax dollars are being used to provide jobs in the down economy, and (b) tax revenue can increase due to the improved compliance enforcement that surely will accompany such a large influx of examiners. Or not. It appears that, according to the folks at the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, these thousands of new revenue agents aren't exactly burning up the tax audit dance floor with their collection efforts.

In 2009, the IRS enjoyed its biggest hiring increase in the past five years, and hirings increased even more in 2010. 4,300 shiny new revenue agents and yet the amount of tax collected did not increase. The number of tax returns filed in the past five years increased by 10 million, but collections are down 15 percent. What's wrong with this picture?


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