Jump Starting Marketing: First Responses

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By Allan Boress, CPA - It seems others beyond my firm are deciding what to do to jump-start their post-season marketing efforts.

But many aren’t.

“I’ve given up trying to push personal marketing in our firm at the partner level,” emailed one marketing director. “There is too much pushback, and the partners seem to make my life harder, and my job more precarious, the more I try to get them to fulfill their marketing duties. Work with the up-an-comers, they say. Who are they? The ones who leave because they are worked to death to start their own firms, or escape to clients? Or the ones left behind because they probably couldn’t make it anywhere else? We concentrate, therefore, on the institutional side of marketing, leaving the people-side behind. Please don’t use my name.”

I’m not surprised at her firm, nor shocked this person stays there. It is more common than you might think.

Some have definite plans:

”We always start off our marketing blitz with a May Day Parade!” wrote another marketing professional. “Thought of it one year watching TV. Some foreign country like North Korea was marching their troops through their capital and showing off all their weapons. We do to! We have a May Day Parade that features awards and bonuses to our best performing marketers at all levels of the firm, including partner level. We give awards for most effort, biggest success, most improved. Then we have 3 break-out rooms to discuss what worked and didn’t the previous marketing season. We come back as one group and each section presents their findings. We discuss ideas of what we want to do this year (from the marketing department’s POV, and what the staff and partnership are interested in. Our first marketing seminar of the year is exactly one month later, and everyone will be expected to have busy pursuing their individual marketing efforts.”

Lots of good ideas there. Here’s one more:

”Marketing season starts off by my meeting with each partner and senior manager and the marketing partner to review their marketing goals for the remainder of the year. We have a pretty powerful partner in charge of marketing, and she leads the way with her actions and results. She and I review the partner or manager’s previous year’s goals and results and come to a conclusion in this first session. We meet again once every two months to keep them in focus.”

What is your firms doing? We received a dozen emails from the previous column, and these were the ones that stood out. Email me at [email protected]

By Allan S. Boress, CPA, author of The “I-Hate-Selling” , available at amaon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

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