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I used to love reading Sydney Harris' syndicated column that ran in The Detroit Free Press through his death in 1986.  Once or twice a week his column was called "Things I Learned En Route to Looking Up Other Things."  Or something like that.  Lots of interesting tidbits in the age before the Internet.

Anyway, I remembered it as I was looking at my Facebook feed and saw that my virtual friend Mitchell Freedman had posted a link to an article called "20 social media savvy accounting and tax professionals".  Naturally I took a look at it.  And while reading it, I found myself on the list!

What surprises me is I don't know the author of this blog nor was I familiar with it prior to seeing the link.  This world of social media is quite amazing at times.

I referred to Mitch as a "virtual friend."  We met through Facebook while commenting excessively on our mutual friend's (and fellow Blogger Crew member) Michelle Golden's updates.  While I have not met Michelle face to face, I plan on meeting Mitch next week when I'm in southern California.  For someone who supposedly is "social media savvy", I continue to be amazed at how relationships can be formed, referrals made, and beyond while never having met face to face.

(Ok - that is two posts in a row on me being in the media.  I promise something accounting related next).

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