It's Time to Get Focused and Organized!

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Here we are. April 15th, end of day! Last tax return mailed and another busy season behind us all. You cannot afford to sit back and relax. Instead, now is the best time to really begin your focus on your firm's growth. The spring and summer months are terrific for networking, meeting with clients, being introduced to new contacts, and positioning the firm for the next few months.  But as everyone knows, you cannot "shoot from the hip" and hope to be really successful.

As you consider the sustained growth of your firm, you need to establish some goals. You may select a merger strategy, pursue organic growth, or decide on a a combination of both. You may expand your geographical footprint, offer new services, or develop a  niche expertise. Whatever the situation that works best for your firm, your resources, your culture, and your commitment, you will still need to be organized.

Start by spending some time writing down your objectives and the tactics to achieve them. Committing the plan to paper helps keep you on target and organized. Implementation - the greatest challenge of all - is more likely to occur when you write down your plan of action. You can also budget appropriately if you know what you are trying to accomplish.

Combine your goals, your efforts, and the cost involved in order to measure your firm's return on marketing investment (ROMI). Without the justification of ROI, you may find support waning and enthusiasm dwindling across the firm. So, get organized - devise a plan - and get out there!

The time is now!

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