Its the "Little" Things That Can Have a "Big" Impact

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How to Make a Difference.

I heard that this is “National Procrastinators’ Week” - and that seems to be something we can all relate to! It is so easy to put off, or avoid, tasks that make us uncomfortable or that we find unappealing. Yet, if we just take a few minutes out of the day and make time for one small effort, the impact may be well worth the effort!

Case in point: Last week a list was printed in our state’s legal news publication announcing the new slate of officers for one of the local bar associations. Since so many of our referrals, like yours, come to us through attorneys, we regularly read this paper and make note of special announcements. Seeing some names we recognized, and many that we did not, we sent out hand written notes to congratulate each of the incoming officers. The project took about one hour (even with all the procrastinating we went through!). Within one day of the mailing going out, we began receiving e-mail replies from the attorneys, thanking us for the kind note and offering to get together.

Now I am not promising that new opportunities will immediately be generated – but it is practical to assume that if we follow up, and identify ways that we can be a resource for these professionals, it is likely that eventually referrals will generate between us.

At a time when ad budgets are being trimmed or eliminated, it seems that a sincere and simple approach, including personal contact with a colleague may be the best marketing of all. It is a lesson we all learn the first week of “Professional Services Marketing 101” but one that is all too easily pushed to a back burner while we procrastinate, finding other things to do that are more immediately rewarding. Nonetheless, you might want to pull out a pen and drop a note to an old friend or a new acquaintance. We are, after all, in a relationship-driven profession!

Let me know if this works for you.

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