It’s the Home Stretch…Now is the Time to Plan!

Apr 7th 2011
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 We are in the final stretch – multi-tasking between clients to get them done by the impending deadline, not sleeping much or even eating when you want! So once you get over this hurdle – it is time to take stock in where you are today while the information is fresh and determine – what went well this busy season? What areas are there for opportunities this coming year to improve? How many hours do you want to work? Do you want to shift more quality time into your life or take on more billable hours or additional employees or technology this coming year?

Now is the time to do this! Don’t let another year go by saying you are going to have more efficient processes and procedures next year so that you can leave at a decent time during busy season. What tasks are you doing right now that are too manual? What processes could be automated so you no longer have to manually key information into your software. Or…you are possibly keying the same information from one system, then to another and then another! If you don’t jot these things down while they are painful – you are going to forget when you are less busy and next year have this same problem all over again!

It is time to plan! It is time to balance work better during our busiest times so that we are not overstressed. With the right foundation in place in your practice, you can either take back some personal time or decide to grow your business because you can feel more confident doing it.

The last couple Blogs I posted talked about the future of where Technology is going, how technology can help you practice and some data on Intuit’s research on current day concerns/issues for Accounting Professionals. Intuit is testing a program that will be available this Summer in select cities to help Accounting Professionals that want to grow their QuickBooks and/or Accounting Services Practice in the coming year called the Intuit Practice Excellence Program. This will consist of putting a business plan in place for your Practice, learning from your Peers and having an Intuit Associate follow-up with you on a periodic basis to make sure you are staying on track with the goals you set!

I will be posting additional information on this program in a couple weeks with more details! We want to help you take your practice to the next level so that your next busy season is what you hoped for – whether that means your current work is more streamlined and more profitable, or you want to grow!

So – for fun! One reason to get your “house” in order is to be able to have more time to spend with your family, take on a hobby, vacation, etc, etc! For those of you that don’t know – my hobby/passion is Yoga!  I have written an article for AccountingWEB in the Workplace Fitness Section on taking time in your day to breathe while working at your desk!  Here is the link to read more…  You’ll notice in the author byline I am participating in a contest and I need your Vote – you can vote once a day until April 15th – the link for that is - I would love your support! 

Because I was able to put a plan in place in my life and get my career under control – I now have the time I wanted for balancing my career, my family and Yoga.  I hope to be able to help some of you be able to improve your quality of life this Summer – whatever you define that to be - as part of the Intuit Practice Excellence Program.  So…Stay tuned, more information coming in the next few weeks!


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