It's Holiday Time - What's Your Message?

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Well, we are at that time of year again when there is a mad dash for the post office or a rush to create and distribute e-mail holiday cards - all of which ultimately begin to sound, and even look, the same.  If you have decided that you want to reach out to colleagues and clients during the holiday season, the big question fpr you is to identify a way that you can distinguish your message from all the others.

E-mail cards have the advantage of being 'green' as well as relatively inexpensive because there is no postage involved.  On the other hand, they are easy to delete and for those who receve hundreds of emails a day, holiday messages can quickly become nothing more than a nuisance or clutter, perhaps in the worst case, even viewed as junk by your intended recipients.  Traditional holiday cards cost more, and unless made from recyclable paper, are not eco-friendly.  They also incur the cost of printing and stamps, which can be burdensome to any size firm. So, what to do ?

Everyone is probably wondering what's the alternative. I would love to hear from you regarding what your firm is doing this year to be creative.  Perhaps you are partnering with a nonprofit, making a donation in honor of the season of giving, and are spreading that word via email, Twitter or even a posting on your website and theirs.  Maybe you are using local artists to design a card - whether in print or online - that has a unique meaning to your community.  Alternatively, you may decide that you will do nothing at all because the parctice of exchanging good wishes has become so over done and so commercial.

The slumping economy has had a big impact on many communitiies and maybe there is a regional program you can become involved with that enables your firm to spread around holiday good cheer for 365 days a year instead of just for a month or so. 

 Whatever you are doing,  we would all love to hear your ideas.

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