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A few days ago I was having lunch with a friend who is one of the most highly regarded relationship managers in the banking community here in New Jersey. She commented that whenever she leaves a meeting, whether with a prospective customer, an existing customer, or  a center of influence/business colleague, the first thing she does is send what she has coined a a "high impact" email.  It is her contention that all too many people wait until they have something to say, or better yet, if they have offered to follow up, they waituntil they have results, before making contact.  Instead, she takes a preemptive route.  Within one hour of the meeting, she reaches out, thanking the person for his or her time, and acknowledging the 'next steps' that will be initiated by her as a result of the discussion.

This enables her to show her high level of commitment, to create another touchpoint, to reiterate and frame the issues they discussed  and most of all, to make a strong positive impression. Many of us wait until we have a free moment to send that thank you email.  But once we are back in the office, there are fires waiting to be put out, issues that need addressing immediately and suddenly, the day is over and the email doesn't get sent.. It might even be put off until another day. The impact is diluted the longer it takes to send that email - because the power, indeed,  is in t he speed with which you take charge of the communications between you. 

It really is easy - and it is a wonderful marketing tool which enables you to keep the door open, encourage continued conversation, and show you are sincerely dedicated to the relationship.  There are no silver bullets to branding your firm but little, meaningful tactics like this type of outreach can make a major impression!

How many of you use this high impact email as a way of letting referral sources know that you appreciate their efforts on your behalf? There are endless ways to use this concept  to enrich your communications within the firm and within your community. Good luck!

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