It’s Always Hard to Value Things

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By Eva Lang - “It’s always hard to value things,” said Donald Brownstein, chief executive of a hedge fund operator, Structured Portfolio Management in the article titled "When the Price Isn’t Right" in the December 9, 2007 issue of the New York Times. Mr. Brownstein goes on to say “In some cases, you don’t have enough information. In other cases you don’t want to know the truth. In this case it’s both.”

In the article, reporter Peter Goodman writes about the "a rippling crisis of belief in the traditional ways of valuing so many things, from mortgage-backed bonds to a joke written for Jon Stewart." Mr. Goodman's article is certainly thought provoking and well worth a read. Sounds as if he is describing a prime time for business valuation experts to weigh in with the skills and experience to solve these valuation conundrums.


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