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I was at a business organization breakfast this week and the speaker commented that one of the greatest drivers of value in a company is the  degree of client intimacy it maintains.  In other words, how are they leveraging the correlation that exists between  the frequency of meaningful client interaction and the level of client satisfaction. The greater the client intimacy, the higher the level of client satisfaction and loyalty to the firm. 

This all sounds terrific, but how do you encourage everyone in the firm to behave in a way that develops this important "client intimacy "philosophy? You can lead by example, share real world case studies,  talk about client intimacy as a goal, train your staff to develop and enhance their interpersonal skills, and you can acknolwedge and reward those who demonstrate a sincere commitment to building meaningful client relationships.

It is hard work, and there must be structure and consistency - as well asestablishing firmwide standards - but in the long run, your efforts pay off as your clients are likely to remain with you longer, use more services, be more loyal and refer more new business than those clients who feel no particular connection to the firm they work with.  

Give it a try - talk about it with your professional staff. Seek tangible examples from them as to how they are interacting with clients in order to develop a stronger bond.  Share ideas across the firm!

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