It's All About How You Treat Poeple

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I hope you don't get tired of my repeating this critical message, but as you go forward after busy season, turning your attention more consistently to attracting and retaining quality clients, don't forget that no matter what marketing or branding strategies you  employ, and no matter how large or small your budget may be, paying attention to your clients is all that most of them ask for.

I don't know about your firm, but at my firm, Sobel & Co., we pride ourselves on our proactive approach and our commitment to bring our clients the information they need, in many cases anticipating their requests. But that is hard work and it requires constant vigilance.

KTo help you remain consistent, kep a list of your top 20-30 clients handy.  Make time call one of them daily. Keep track of the last time you initiated a call (not an e-mail) and what you discussed.  How did you follow up?

I believe most mid-size firms like ours are committed to this level of client service but all too often the respnsibilities of the real world get in the way. And that's exactly why Rick Telberg reminds us in his "Five Keys to Better Client Retention" published by Ioma, in November 2010, that 66% of clients surveyed said they made a change having to do with poor service. You've read other blogs I have authored that have confirmed this - that clients leave when they perceive they are not being well treated! 

If you don't want to smother your clients with attention and solid, relevant advice, someone else will.


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