It is Still About Face Time - Not Just Facebook!

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As we head into a long holiday weekend I just wanted to share the conversation I heard on ABC morning news today. The reporter was commenting on how tight the job market is for new graduates, and he was suggesting that anyone seeking a job should integrate face time with social media as a way of differentiating themselves. Of course this makes just as much sense for marketing as it does for job hunting.

We have all begun to rely on technology as a cost effective, highly efficient too to help us reach clients, prospects and centers of influence in an effort to build our brand, add value, and stay connected with the community.  That's all fine - but it should not over shadow or eliminate the importance of making a personal connection now and then. Talking, listening, interacting and adding value are skills that  also work well in person - so the next time you consider sending that email or Tweet, think instead about picking up the phone and scheduling a breakfast meeting.

Just be sure that you remember to utilize a mix of tactics - so that you don't find yourself reliant on one type of initiative!


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