Is Your Website Sticky?

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The beauty of a website is that it levels the playing field  - providing small and midsize firms with the same opportunities to attract attention, build their brand and add value for clientts as the larger firms have.  The key to the success of the site though, is to think about what clients want .

The first question you should ask is "Why do clients or nonclients visit our site?" A quick analysis of pages viewed will tell you where most traffic is directed. Perhaps it is your partners' bios, your events, or your resource library.  No matter what the analysis shows, you should be asking this critical question of your clients. Find out when (if ever) they visit the site, what they are looking for, what information they wish was available, and what their experience  has been when on your site. Ask centers of influence and others in the business community s well, to gain inisghts from multiple directions. 

Next, you should have someone who is objective conduct a review of the site, reading for clarity, content and accuracy as well as to let you know if content is redundant or stale. You would be amazed at how quickly your "fresh" information grows old. This should be done quarterly if not more often!

Lastly, you should identify resources (including articles, surveys, reports on industry trends, invitations) that are meaningful for your clients and attach them to your site when appropriate. For example,  we have attached the recent nonprofit survey conducted byGivingUSA to our site because it reveals valuable information for our clients in this sector.  While it is important to have articles, surveys and other resources authored by your firm, sometimes it is equally important to provide visitors access to information from other reputable sources.  Keeping current and including industry data confirms that your site is the 'go to' place for cutting edge information.

If you have little time for updates, perhaps assign the job to a different staff person each month, or assign the niche pages to the niche teams - and in this way you can spread the responsibility over a number of different people, making it less onerous for one person and enjoying the benefits of various perspectives at the same time. 


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