Is Your Web Site Just Web-Trash?

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For firms of all sizes, the website is often the 'first' introduction' for prospects and centers of influence. As such, it needs to be easy to navigate and full of timely information. But at a program I attended today, the speaker, Deb DiGregorio, also mentioned that to optimize your  site and increase the site's visibility, you  need to continuously change the content. Further she emphasized that you need to connect your social media activities with your website. This means making sure that your blog, your Facebook and LinkedIn pages and your Twitter accounts are all integrated. Now I know that many firms just don't have the time and resources to leverage all of the social media initiatives that are possible, so just stay focused on your core clients and their needs, you will gain the exposure you need to successfully differentiate your firm .

DiGregorio told us that we should stop thinking about 'driving" visitors to ur site, but rather think of ways to "lure" visitors. It might just be a difference in word choices but it is also a reflection of ya different attitude. Luring someone means working to add value and gain their attention - engaging them by being relevant and offering solutions to their challenges.

Small, mid-size and large firms can all re-think the way they approach their firm's website and find new ways of elevating their page rank by including videos, social media tools, and regular updates. What are you doing on your site these days?  

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