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 Did you know that you should consider having an email signature that is 4 lines or LESS?

I correspond with a huge number of CPA firm owners, staff and support professionals.  Most signature lines I see from the CPA firm world are about 6 to 8 lines long and many even longer.

Of course there are varying opinions out there on what you should include.  Graphics, for most people, should be omitted.  Keeping it simple is best.

You need name, title, name of business, phone number and website.

  • Line 1:  Name and title
  • Line 2:  Name of firm
  • Line 3:  Phone number
  • Line 4:  Website

Send them to your website to obtain additional phone numbers, location/mailing address and to see your beautiful graphics.

Some of the experts tell us to just list your mobile phone number since that is where most people can be reached these days.

"If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both." - - Proverb


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