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Is Sales a Negative Word?

Apr 25th 2010
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What is the first thought when you hear someone is in sales?  Is it positive?  In our culture we often think of selling as something that is not positive.  Trying to get something from others.  Why? Where did this come from?  Could it be because we all have encountered the “Glad Handing Networking Jerk?”  The person looking to constantly take and never give.

A key misconception about sales is that it is an effort to get something from others. However the truth is that sales at its best and most effective is precisely the opposite. It is about giving. Selling is giving: giving time, attention, counsel, education, empathy, and value. In fact the word sell comes from the Old English word Sellan which means "to give."

I have the privilege of teaching other professionals (accountants, attorneys…) rainmaking skills and continually stress the importance of giving first.  People like to do business with those they like and trust.  How do you build like and trust?  By giving first and also by giving unconditionally – serving others.  A wonderful quote from Keith Ferrazzi his book Never Eat Alone is, “the currency of networking is not greed but generosity.” 

Everyone is looking for more customers, clients, sales… how are you trying to get this business?  Are you and your team focused on getting or giving? Are your sales just a transaction with a buyer or a relationship with another human being?


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