Is It Time for a Marketer Yet?

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By Sally Glick - Marketing for accounting firms – I really think this is one of the least understood professions in the business community! I cannot tell you how many firms contact me on a regular basis, asking if they “are big enough” to need a marketing professional. (I often wonder how quickly they will get ‘big enough’ without a marketer?) Even after making the decision to hire someone, the next questions invariably address the job description and the expectations of the firm for the marketer’s role. When the position is poorly defined, it is really impossible to track results and to measure success!

But there is no real standard, one size fits all, marketer. In fact, the successful marketing professionals are able to adapt to their firm, its culture, its commitment, its available resources, its competitive market and its tolerance for a new marketer! While larger firms have the budget to sustain branding initiatives, extensive ad campaigns, direct marketing and other promotional-type activities, the small to mid-size firm usually has no such luxury.

Instead, the marketer of a local firm needs to be innovative, to find ways to get everyone involved in the process building a strong referral network while consistently focusing on generating quality leads. These personal connections can be nurtured with a marketer’s assistance and will contribute to the firm’s growth over time! They will be even more effective when combined with consistent marketing and branding support.

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