Is Facebook Worth The Effort?

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By Ryan Williams, - I resisted creating a Facebook account for years because I did not understand the appeal, and I did not want to maintain it. Time is precious, and it seems like there is never enough as it is. However, I eventually began to feel guilty that I was a technology consultant and really did not know all that much about Facebook. I try to have an intelligent answer when people ask technology questions, so I broke down and created an account (just for educational purposes).

It didn't take long to understand Facebook's appeal. Within about two hours, I had about 20 "Friend" requests from friends, relatives and old high school acquaintances. Due to Facebook's "People You May Know" feature, the minute I filled out my profile I popped up on other people's home page who might be connected to me in some way. Now I am talking to people I have not talked to in ages.

One of my favorite features of Facebook is being able to see what others are up to. A relative of mine in another state probably would not pick up the phone just to tell me she was elected high school class president. However, she would likely post this on her Facebook page. Since we are connected via Facebook, I can see her post and congratulate her. Although this is not earth shaking news, it is nice to be able to maintain relationships and be involved in people's lives whom I don't see very often.

I can also see how Facebook could be used to foster deeper relationships with people I only know through business. Viewing someone's Facebook profile, I may learn that we graduated from the same school or were in the same town at the same time or both like sushi or any number of other things that can serve to establish more common ground.

In closing, I think I'm hooked. Now I just have to find a way to bypass all the internet usage monitoring we have at the office (just kidding). No seriously, don’t access Facebook at work. Employers tend to get really upset about that kind of stuff.

Happy teching,

Ryan Williams

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