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Is Everyone on the Bus?

Feb 22nd 2011
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I thought we might start this blog off with a question for you. It is a question that can have many answers, so I am not suggesting there is one right or wrong way - but here goes:

How do you get everyone in the firm engaged in the process  of marketing and business development?

Each firm has professionals who are aggressive and excited about being proactive in generating referrals, There are also many who are less enthusiastic but still willing to help out. Lastly, there  are those who are totally uninterested and either need a lot of convincing or just need to be left on their own.

My philosoophy has always been that the most effective marketing and branding communications strategy has two key building blocks: (1) firm-wide branding that  builds name recognition and typically includes newsletters, websites, sponsorships, trade shows, and the like, combined with (2) personal networking and relationship building.  These create a powerful one-two punch, and when used together they create an environment where leads generate and convert more efficiently. 

That being the case, how do you get your professionals to take ownership and assume responsibility for personal networking? You need them  to build that  aspect of the marketing in order to connect the dots between your branding and your ability to continuously generate new opportunities.  A recognized brand helps confirm your value when you are making personal connections, But in an of itself, the brand may not  actually create leads.

People do business with people - so your firm needs to have people in the community, actively networking and participating at targeted events and programs so they can create relevant relationships that can help fill your pipeline .

What's your secret to getting 'boots on the ground'?


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