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Maybe someday I will get a chance to meet Scott Ginsberg.  I hope so.

Scott turned wearing a name tag every day that says “Hello My Name is Scott” into an impressive career. Follow the link and see what he’s all about.  He’s written 12 books, he has his own Online Training Network and he’s a sought-after speaker.
For me, I just like the way he thinks (and writes).  Back in January he did a post on his blog (titled: Hello, my name is Blog) about keeping your company small.
I’ve talked to SO many people inside CPA firms who were with the firm when it was small.  They had fun.  Now, they are big and many are miserable.   Bigger isn’t better – better is better.
Check out the 21 reasons for keeping your company (firm) small.  Here’s a few:
·       Small means you can respond quicker.
·       Small means you can have the freedom to innovate.
·       Small means you can make decisions that matter sooner.
·       Small means you can actually execute your brilliant ideas.
Has your firm become too complex, too confusing, and too big to be nimble?  Someone said to me once, “I never want the firm to be so big that I don’t actually know all my partners.”
Do you make decisions quickly?  Is your firm nimble?  Do you know all your partners?
"We should be too big to take offense and too noble to give it." - - Abraham Lincoln

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