iPods Aren't the Enemy (Neither are Texting, IMing or Other Social Media!)

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By Michelle Golden - I was talking with Liz Gold who is the associate editor of Accounting Today and a key author, editor & co-founder of the excellent Where It's AT, Accounting Tomorrow blog.

We got on the subject of policies firms seem to feel a need to impose, restricting the use of newer technologies, technologies they often don't take the time to investigate and understand before squelching!

Internally, bad will is created by forbidding tools used frequently by under-35s (eg IMing or texting) tools that are akin to our desk-top telephones or cars for us over-35s. Further, these tools can be enormously advantageous for our effectiveness in performing our work and marketing ourselves.

I shared with her the story of a recent managing partner conference at which I was invited to speak, where I facilitated the group in awakening to the realization that they were, essentially, cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

Liz posted on her blog about an aspect of that session that I shared with her: iPods Aren't the Enemy. She did an exceptional job illustrating the ah-ha moment of the story. I couldn't be more delighted with this write-up--Liz, thank you for 1) "totally getting it" and 2) feeling impacted enough to write about it.

The managing partner conference session mentioned was, without a doubt, the most enjoyable session I've had the pleasure of leading and there will soon be a more detailed article about it in another SourceMedia publication, Practical Accountant (will share when it is published).


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