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I've had websites on my mind recently and today's presentation by Ilene Greene, President of Marketshare Communications at the Sobel & Co Executive Women's Breakfast,only increased my awareness of how much we need to do in this area. 

Her lesson was regarding how to increase your firm's exposure through search engine optimization (SEO). That is, how can you leverage the mathematical logarithms used by Google and other search engines to find your site based on criteria entered by some one conducting an internet search.  For you to be sure that you are highlighted when a prospect or client is looking for a firm with your expertise, Ilene suggested that you pay a little less attention to the graphics ( search engines cannot read PDFs, photos, graphs, or anything that is not html) and pay more attention to the content.  The name of the game today is relevancy - and the more valuable information you share, the more likely the search engines are to seek you out.  Search engines like sites that change frequently, demonstrate expertise, include internal hyperlinks, leverage social media connections and contain a blog.  The blog seems to be the single most effective way today for attracting the engines to your site. So, it is no longer about how great your site looks (NO FLASH!) but rather how much you have invested in understanding your audience and providing the information that is most critical to them on a timely basis.

The last time I blogged I mentioned refresh your site, but today's presentation by Ilene Greene reminded me that there is much more to it if you want to attract the search engines and gain exposure for your firm as a result. Remember that the average person spends about six seconds on your site unless something catches their attention. What can you offer in six seconds that is meaningful and relevant? Think about it - and consider the words and phrases (metatags and long tailed words) that are the best decriptors for your firm and make sure these are embedded in your site for optimum attention.

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