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The time has come to hire a new employee for the company.  You identify candidates, make appointments.   What do you ask, or more importantly, what don't you ask.   An employer should ask questions that determine whether or not the potential candidate will be able to perform the job they are interviewing for.  Below are some examples of do's and dont's:

Don't ask a potential candidate if she is married, has kids or plans to have kids.  Asking these questions may provide the basis for a sex discrimination claim.  Do describe the job requirements you have a concern over, such as OT or travel, and ask if the candidate is able to meet them.

Don't ask an employee about their religion.  Do let the candidate know if work is required on a Saturday or Sunday and if he/she can work those days.

Don't ask a candidate's age or when they graduated high school.  You don't want to have an age discrimination suit brought forth.  Do ask the candidate if they possess the necessary skills to do the job.  You can ask for the dates when post high school education was completed.

Don't ask if the candidate is a citizen.  Do ask them if they are able to provide proof of authorization to work in the US should they be hired.

Don't ask if the candidate has a disability that would interfere with the ability to do the job.  Do make certain that the candidate meets all of the necessary requirements of the job.  You may also describe the essential functions of the job and ask the candidate if he/she can perform those functions with or without accomodations.

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