Inject passion into your organization in times of economic downturn

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By Maria Krowicki - Inject passion into your organization in times of economic downturn

How do you feel when your alarm clock goes off? Do you jump up, ready to start your day, or do you repeatedly hit the snooze button like a kid going back to school after summer vacation? How do you think your employees feel about work when their alarm clock goes off?

What are the keys to passion? How can we tell who the passionate people are? Passionate people know what types of work excite and motivate them. They find ways to make their lives exciting, meaningful and special. Increasing the level of passion is not about dollar signs or benefits. It’s about the enthusiasm that an employee exudes that elevates the workplace and brings excitement.

Recently, I was attending a seminar in which Mike Goldman, President of Performance Breakthrough was the guest speaker. In his experience of coaching Fortune 500 and small to midsize companies alike, he had this to offer:

Different things motivate different people. It’s ok to accept that everyone is not like you. Treat others the way they want to be treated. For example: you assign an employee to work on a 2 month long project. You tell the employee that at the end of the project, he will receive a $10,000 bonus. If the motivator for this employee is spending time with family, the $10,000 won’t mean the same (although it will happily be accepted). Telling the same employee that at the end of the 2 month time period he can have an extra week off to spend with family would probably have more appeal.

Leverage the strengths of the employees you have. Give them a pat on the back once in a while for a job well done. Something as simple as a “thank you” goes a long way. People feel appreciated. Passionate people believe in their ability to do something, whether work related or not, and are trusted to carry out the tasks to the best of their abilities.

You want people to feel like they are owners of the company, and have an impact on the organization. Allow them to take ownership of issues, and see them through. Passionate people are always learning, reinventing themselves and exploring new things. A more participatory environment leads to a more trusting environment. Teams rise higher when all participate and have a “voice”. The team as a whole feels ownership.

Catch your employees doing the right thing and mention it. Right then and there. Recognition is a great motivator, can foster relationships, build morale and inject some passion into the workplace.

It’s all about the decisions we make everyday. None of these suggestions have a huge price tag associated with them, yet could prove to be priceless to the organization. It’s the simple things that keep on giving.

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