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In “Making Lead Generation Work for Professional Service Firms,” Mike Schultz notes that for the accounting profession, the survey results say that 57% of clients are ready to switch firms. This is a low number when compared to the 88% of architect, engineering and construction clients ready to make a move or the 69% of law firm clients who would change firms at any time. While it is low compared to other professions, it is interesting to note that this means you have the chance to attract 57% of other firms’ clients if you can distinguish yourself and make a case that the clients will be better off with your firm! To do this you need to spend time in the community, building a stronger name, developing your reputation, and showcasing a specific expertise. It takes consistency on your part, and it is time consuming, but if you are successful, there are great opportunities for you. At the same time you should not forget that 57% of your clients are vulnerable – which means that you need to market to your own clients to increase retention at the same time you are marketing to the community to attract new business. Neither audience should be ignored. The good news is that as you become more visible and influential in the business community, your own clients as well as prospects will be more aware of your presence, confirming for them that they have made the right choice in selecting your firm.

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