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Inbound marketing starts with deep customer insights

Jul 11th 2011
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Kristin Knipp offers great advice in a post previewing Hubspot's talk at the upcoming meeting on inbound marketing for Medical Device companies. She recommends starting with defining a unique value proposition and then building a content factory to attract humans and search engines.

Value is in the eye of the beholder

Although not stated explicitly, it is essential that marketers define the value proposition with the target audience's perspective in mind-and that the content directly contributes to the delivery of that value proposition.

While these points may seem obvious, there are many websites that start by describing what makes the company unique without making the connection to the value their target audience seeks to derive.   The content of these websites, when they highly optimized for search engines, attract attention but  fail to convert prospects into repeat visitors or customers.

Start with deep customer insights

The implied "step zero" of Kristin's process is gaining deep insights into the "who", "what", "when" , "where" and "how" of your prospects' buying process.  Do this  by developing detailed buyer personae of your most promising prospects-and the individuals they involve in the buying process. It is this knowledge that enables development of compelling value propositions-and "remarkable content".

Create content that addresses needs on multiple dimensions

Content is only remarkable when it squarely addresses content consumers' needs and preferences.  In addition to speaking to their most pressing concerns, what makes this content remarkable is that it appears where intended audiences look for it-and in the form they prefer to get it.

Engage with frequent and consistent communications

When their requirements are met, audiences find the content so remarkable they come back for more, they share it with their friends.  It is this process that ultimately induces them to engage with the individuals and companies that produce it.  So, when executing the 6 steps that Kristin recommends, also make it a goal for each of your communications to contribute to the delivery of the value that your products and services will ultimately provide to your most promising prospects.

Tailor communications for each audience and buying stage

Here are two examples that pertain directly to the medical device companies attending the upcoming meeting.  To reach patients, especially at the early stages of their "buying process", medical device companies may want to deliver content via health education websites, in addition to their own.  To address physicians' needs, nearing the end of their "buying process",  these same companies may want to create instructional videos that demonstrate how to use these devices in their practices.

Tools and tips for value creation

Need help getting started with your own marketing efforts?  Use the value proposition formula to help you develop marketing messages that capture attention and compel action. Then, read this post for ideas about how you can discover the  content that captures attention. Then, before you post, double check to ensure that everything you're about to publish is tightly integrated with the value your best prospects seek to obtain.


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