In The Beginning

Apr 12th 2010
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When I started my business in 2001, QuickBooks was generally not considered by the CPA industry as a specialized technical expertise that an Accounting Professional would focus their business in.  Over the years, CPAs and Accounting Professionals have taken notice that this is a service line of its own and profitable one at that!  Many Firms have caught on that they need to get better skilled in this area and are dedicating resources and/or departments in their practices to offer their clients a value added approach to their operational accounting needs arising throughout the year . I personally have always considered this service similar to the way the Medical Industry was 100 years ago - when Doctors would visit their patients at their homes and develop more of a personal relationship with each person.  That same relationship is what ties the clients of QuickBooks Consultants to them and is what sets them apart from the rest of the Accounting industry.  A QuickBooks Consultant may visit their clients at their place of business, they take the time to "hold the client's hand" through the complicated world of accounting in their business, they continually speak and are involved with their clients throughout the year, they learn about their client's business on a more intimate level and become their client's main point of contact when they have any kind of business need - even when it is not accounting. 

A misnomer about QuickBooks Consulting is that it is simple and just setting up a QuickBooks file.  What many people miss is that this service is an entrée into many other value-added services at a Firm.  Additionally, QuickBooks Consulting may lead to other Outsourced Accounting Services from Bookkeeping to Controllership services to delivering a whole slew of Business Process Improvement and Operational Control Efficiency ideas and concepts that are customized to each client.  It can also expand to Technology Solutions that integrate with QuickBooks to eliminate manual work that the client may be doing on a daily basis, such as e-commerce and inventory applications and much more.  The whole product line that QuickBooks offers with add-on services that integrate with the accounting from Payroll, Credit Card and Check Payment Solutions to Document Management  all make the client's life easier and help them to spend less time on accounting and more time working on the NON-accounting work they specialize in that will help grow their business.

I have found my most fulfillment in my Accounting career being a QuickBooks Consultant because of the many clients that I have helped over the years and seeing the impact I made on their businesses.  There is nothing better than seeing relief fall across a client's face or how grateful they can be for the things that you can help them with.  How many jobs can you think of where someone thanks you and you can see the positive results that you have made that have not only improved a business but created a better daily life for the people affected by the "back-room" accounting?  I will share with you many of the tips I have learned over the years, as well as the existing and newest innovations, so that you in turn can  provide your clients these value-added services that will hopefully result with your client never thinking of going to another accounting professional besides you!


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