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In Memory of Larry Ribstein

Jan 4th 2012
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Legal scholar Larry Ribstein, founder of the Ideoblog and contributor to Truth on the Market (TOTM), well-known for his wide-ranging contributions to legal theory and debate (including re: Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404, which brought his work to my attention), passed away just before Christmas.

I learned of his passing via a number of posts on KnowledgeMosaic's Securities Mosaic Blogwatch. Among the memorial testaments posted on TOTM and other blogs, I could especially relate to Usha Rodrigues' post, Grieving Larry Ribstein, because in my dealings with Ribstein via email, e.g., when I asked him to confirm quotes or provide background info on some of his work on - let's say - 'reforming' Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404, he was very gracious and responded in an extremely timely manner. I appreciated this generosity of his time.

Read more about Ribstein (including his views on Sarbox, a topic on which he once debated former SEC Chief Accountant Lynn E. Turner) here.



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