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Sep 20th 2011
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Do you know Don Korn? 

Donald Jay Korn is one of the regular writers for Boardroom’s Bottom Line Personal and their other publications, like the old Tax Hotline. He’s also a rather prolific writer on financial topics, having written lots of books, and with his articles appearing in a variety of major financial publications.
A couple of years ago, Don started writing fiction. His first book was Payable Upon Death, the adventures of Anderson Crown, a registered investment advisor. That book was such a lot of fun, I finished it one sitting.
Andy Crown’s adventures continue in Don’s current book, In For a Pounding. Poor Andy. He really does get beaten up a lot. Sort of reminds of you of poor old Jim Rockford, always getting into fights he doesn’t start. But, I love a financial nerd who can stand up for himself, and even, subtly, cow some bullies. He deals with all the issues we deal with, clients getting divorced, estates, tax planning, real estate sales, reconstructing unfiled tax returns, and trying to generate an honest profit.
Andy Crown is one of us - a divorced, financial professional, valiantly trying to hold on to his client base, as his wealthiest clients suddenly start dying mysteriously. Andy Crown is the hero we all want to be – without the pain, though.
Like Don’s first book, I read this one is about a day. It’s hard to put down, you get so engrossed in the action. Like the first book, you get reviews of some of special New York restaurants, too.
You will really enjoy reading a book by one of us!
The only criticism? Don tells a client that only a CPA can solve her problems, without ever mentioning Enrolled Agents. Let’s lobby Don to change that, shall we? After all, when books are available in electronic editions (Kindle and Nook), they can easily be updated.

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