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By Ryan Williams, TechBetter.com - Wait, that title doesn't even make sense. O well, here's the point; my creativity has taken a leap forward since I discovered mind mapping. For those who do not know, mind mapping is a process whereby you put a topic in the center of a page or computer screen and then draw branches out from that central topic. You then label the branches with other related topics. The branching continues from the central topic and then from the sub-topics and then from the sub-topics' sub-topics and so on.

Mind mapping can increase your creativity because you begin to visually see linkages between topics that never occurred to you before. This prompts new ideas.

A lot of software applications exist that make mind mapping easy and fun. I have listed a few that I have personally tried below. I encourage you to try mind mapping the next time you need to be creative. Who knows what good ideas exist in the inner recesses of your mind. Maybe you'll invent the next pet rock or bottled water or even post-it-notes! If so, please call me to discuss royalties. :-)

- The Brain (download, free version available, also has a very cool interface) - http://www.thebrain.com/

- Mind Meister (online, free version available) http://www.mindmeister.com/

- iBlueSky (works on the iPhone) http://www.tenero.mobi/products/

- Mind Mapper Professional (download, reasonable price) - http://www.mindmapperusa.com

These are the mind mapping tools I have used. However, many more options exist. Just search Google for "mind mapping." You'll find plenty of options.

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