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By Sally Glick - All firms have to be prepared for the inevitable "what ifs" that life brings. What if your best client - your favorite client and the one that generates a significant amount of fees for the firm - goes through a major transition? Perhaps the owner is getting ready to retire, or a wonderful offer has been made that cannot be refused, and he suddenly decides to sell. No matter what the reason, the client will be leaving the firm. I would say that this would be the absolute worse time to tighten your belt and reduce your networking and marketing endeavors. While it is a natural instinct to cut the areas that do not immediately result in revenue, it is also short sighted.

How would you react if a significant client left your firm - and what you would change in your marketing communication approach to the community? I will continue to share some ideas with you in future blogs - but I would love to hear from you. So, what if?

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