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I recently changed jobs. Yes, actually swap one job for another. It's been 20 years since I left a job that wasn't first yanked out from under me by a sale, merged, relocation or being bumped by someone senior, or got a new boss who didn't like me!  Over the last 15 - 20 years manufacturing has taken it on the chin with all the down sizing, off shoring and sales to investors who trim all the "fat" off for short term profit.  They say that we have lost 3 million manufacturing jobs since 2000 for those very reasons. Since I've been working in that environment in a mid-level position, I've also taken it on the chin.  Yes, the mid-level managers: assistant controllers, controllers, accounting and cost accounting managers of the world have been taking it on the chin!  And in fact, we're mad and are not going to take it any more!  Well, part of my new is to hire a cost accountant. So I have been reviewing a lot of resumes lately. And a lot of them show a lot of jobs last only two to three years. Well, I thought that may be I'm just seeing a lot of job hoppers---those not suited to the work or don't know how to settle down in any job.  Yet, so far, this pattern of jobs lasting only two to three years is common. And, if any of the applicants is working, the odds are they are a temp some where.  Hmmm. Maybe us mid level managers aren't the only ones being affected by the down turn the manufacturing sector?


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