Aug 24th 2010
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I am originally from Kentucky and knew I wanted to be an accountant since the 9th grade.  I took a general business course and the homework assignment was bookkeeping-preparing a trial balance, journal entries, etc…  I remember thinking as I was doing the assignment - this is interesting and easy.  When I returned to class to go over the homework, my classmates were complaining how difficult it was, they didn’t get it and I was thinking just the opposite.  Hence my journey to becoming an accountant started.


When I entered college, I wasn’t like the majority of other students who had no idea what they were going to study.  I knew I was going to be an accountant.  I didn’t take one extra class.  I graduated with the exact amount of credits and never took a class that wasn’t required to get my degree.  I went to Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL and they had an accredited accounting program.  Passing the CPA exam was of utmost importance and the professors stressed it.  Florida was the first state to institute the 150 hour credit requirement prior to being licensed.  I was so determined to pass the exam as soon as possible that I flew to Georgia to sit with the intention of obtaining the required credits at a later date and receiving reciprocity to practice in Florida.


I took the Becker review course, studied and passed the exam the first time.  I was meant to be an accountant. I feel fortunate to love my career and what I do for a living. Later in my career, I decided to specialize in taxation and went back to school at the age of 30.  I attended Seton Hall University taking a class each semester.  School was different this time,  I had an infant, career pressures, family responsibilities, etc… but still loved my career path. 


There are so many things about the accounting profession that intrigues me. I have chosen to specialize in taxation and as we all know the tax laws are changing by the minute.  I feel challenged to stay on top of these changes.  As the economy takes on a global perspective, I am forced to become familiar with international taxation, an area I would have never expected to delve into.  I took the public accountant route but there are so many career paths that one can take with an accounting degree.  Public, private, government, controller, bookkeeping, etc…


I enjoy the camaraderie that I share with my fellow accountants at various interest group meetings.  I feel the general public respects the profession and realizes the vast majority of accountants are truly trying to help them.  I may never be rich and famous from my chosen profession but I will live comfortably and have the honor of going to work every day enjoying what I do.   This profession chose me and I am sure glad it did because I love this job!


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By john
Jun 25th 2015 20:10 EDT

Thank you for your story. I don't know anything about accounting but I also have a job I love. Isn't it great to do what you actually love to do for a living?

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