I Hate Time Sheets

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I hate time sheets. I did them for years and hated every bit of it. I hated having to account for every speck of my time. I hated that my bosses looked at my hours first and my work second. I hated hearing that I did a great job, but "how are we going to bill for the all the hours you put in on this project?" I hated listening to coworkers talk about double-billing their time to multiple clients, and then goofing off because they had figured out how to fudge extra hours into their time sheets.

I have a small tax practice, and I value-bill for everything that I do. I believe it's the only fair way to treat my clients. However, I understand the reluctance of employers to release their employees from the constraints of reporting their time. Value billing makes perfect sense, but many employers are wary of taking this leap. Is there an easy way to transition from traditional hourly billing to value billing, or should it be an all-or-nothing proposition?


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